Types Of Performing Arts

Performances performed for the audience, such as music, drama, and dance, are called the performing arts. These arts are performed professionally and can be the purpose to build the building such as Opera houses and theatre. Some of them are performed on open-air stages at festivals, on the streets, on the stages in tents like circuses, etc.

Types of performing arts


One of the most significant types in performing arts in theatre is with people and act the roles given to them are in the form of speech, music, dance, gesture, sound, and spectacle. In addition to these, there will be e narration of dialogues, style of the place, musicals, operas, classical events, comedy, nonfictional like postdramatic theatre or postmodern theatre. It is a  live performance, so mistakes are not allowed, and people expect the performers to get their 100%. Usually, the pressure is very high on them, but at the same time, the performers also get enough attention and credit they deserve.


In the context of performing arts, dance refers to the human movement to music and is typically rhythmic, which is used to entertain the audience in performance settings.

Types of performing arts

Many different types of dance are performed for various events depending upon the social, cultural, artistic, and aesthetic events. Dance is a powerful impulse channeled by skilled performers that makes it intensely expressive and delightful to watch or spectate the performance. A choreographer is a person who practices this art and creates choreography( the art of making dances)


To create music, you need to combine the rhythm, pitch, and dynamic. It can be played by using many instruments and styles divided into jazz, pop, rock, folk, hip hop, etc. When these kinds of music are formed, they create a pleasant and Melody in the head. The performer needs to be highly talented to perform this art in the audience in the theatres. As an art form, music can be planned and improvised While making recorded videos. But, it should be the best performance by presenting it live.

Types of performing arts


Puppetry is a theatre performance that involves manipulating Puppets, which are inanimate objects that often resemble some kinds of animal figures for human figures. the person who uses these effects is called a puppeteer. These effects are controlled by rods and strings to move the head, body, hands, Limbs, and in some cases, the puppeteer also moves the puppet’s mouth to deliver the message beautifully. The puppet show or the puppetry is a display of a story or a particular act. There are many different varieties of Puppets made of other materials depending upon the forms and the use. the most frequently used are the rods in strings, but the simplest Puppets are finger puppets where they paint their thumbs and the fingers to display the characters, or sometimes they use socks puppets

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