Most Watched Romantic Theatre Plays

Theatres are the oldest forms of place that used to entertain people by the acts. London has its best theatres which boost the world’s theater. These theatres are primarily performed for couples who can enjoy romantic plays that revolve around love, murder,  relationships, and betrayal. Since the various West end theatres host several romantic plays,  a trip to London could be as romantic as France. For several years, the theatres had been Playing the old classical romantic place. However, because of the fine act and music, most people get attracted to these plays. Some of the best performances in London’s West End include:

Most watched romantic theatre plays

Dirty dancing in The Aldwych theatre

This play is an adaptation of the movie, Dirty Dancing, released in 1980. This classical romantic play has been mesmerizing the people since November 2007 in the West End of London. For the first six months of screening, the show was sold out. The plot in the romantic movie e dirty dancing is Frances “Baby” Houseman. He is a man who dances a lot during a family holiday. The female protagonist falls in love with the resort dance teacher, Johnny Castle. The role of the dance teacher is played by Patrick Swayze. The Epic performance of I’ve had the time of my life to end the play by Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley. Since it is very romantic and captivating if it is a play that is worth watching.

Her Majestys theatre’s ‘Phantom of the Opera.’

This play is one of the most tragic love stories with a legendary musical play of a young composer and Christine Daae, the Great Opera singer. In the Paris Opera House,  the composer is disfigured music expert who is hiding. The young composer terrorizes the Opera House and is unhappy with his looks after falling in love with the young protege. This is a play of an emotional journey e of characters with the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. The sound equipment is arranged mainly in the Majestys theatre, which makes the tragic epic seem realistic. People enjoy this emotional, romantic play and is played even today. The costume, wealth set, and special effects are an addition which makes this play a very memorable event for all theatre lovers.

Most watched romantic theatre plays

Les Miserables: The Queens Theatre

Claude- Michel Schonberg composed Les Miserables, a French play, in 1980. This play is performed in many locations globally as it is one of the most famous French musicals. It is novel based play with the same name written by Victor Hugo in 1862, and it is one of the longest showing musicals in West End London. This show introduces many characters in the story, such as Valjean, Javert, Cosette, Fantine. The story revolves around student revolutionaries, love, betrayal, and prostitutes. This is one of the most excellent plays of France that has been a revolution worldwide.

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