Books Every Theatre Lover Should Read

The theatre experience demands immense passion and stagecraft. It is an excellent place for self-expression, and this is one place where creativity is at its peak. Theatre has tremendous lessons to teach, and there is plenty of literature for theatre lovers to read. Here are the books that every theatre lover should read:

The Viewpoints Book: A Practical Guide to Viewpoints and Composition

This book by Anne Bogart and Tina Landau has some wonderful ideas for anyone aspiring for a satisfying career in theatre. In fact, it might even help you in other areas of your life. This book has some great techniques for movement and gesture. This is one book that every theatre student should include in their theatrical curriculum.

Books Every Theatre Lover Should Read

Actresses as Working Women: Their Social Identity in Victorian Culture

This book by Tracy C Davis is a gripping read. She accurately depicts the reality of actresses and doesn’t mince her words. With her roots in Marxist and feminist theory, she closely examines the role women have played in the world of theatre and how these women lived in the difficult socio-economic situations and attitudes in Victorian society. It gives you a great insight into the history and an appreciation for theatre as it is today.

Changed for Good: A Feminist History of the Broadway Musical

In this book, Stacy Wolf provides a fascinating analysis of Broadway Musicals through a feminist lens. She certainly gives a lot of food for thought for feminists and offers an unconventional, original perspective and bold criticism on the subject. She does a great job at presenting all her arguments and examining how the narratives of the female characters changed and developed over the years.

Books Every Theatre Lover Should Read


The Cambridge Companion to African-American Theatre

This is a collection of essays written by Harvey Young. He examines the critical role of African Americans in theatre. This book is undoubtedly a great education on Black theatre. The essays are very scholarly in nature, and hence, the reader will find himself on quite an academic adventure.

An Actor Prepares

This is one book you will never forget. Written by Konstantin Stanislavski, It has rich and educational information on theatre. The information is presented quite unconventionally in the form of a fictional diary written by a student called Kostya. This book is great for young students of theatre as it is not a heavy read. It has some great techniques and tips on developing the craft of acting. It is actually one of Stanislavski’s three books on acting.

Books Every Theatre Lover Should Read

In Conclusion

There is no shortage to the number of incredible books that theatre lovers can find. Theatre has always been known to be full of life. Most of these books aren’t merely intellectual exercises or dull analyses. They are very relevant to their readers and enjoyable as well.

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